from by MYK & Shirosky

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the sun falls and the moon light glows

verse 1
It feels like it's been much too long being on this planet
wondering wether or not this life was just handed to me
on a platter by somebody or something
who held in store the twists and turns in lessons this life brings
I know I've always had a different perspective
I'm walking outside the lines look and search for a message
to invest in with my perception, when it has to do with meanings and movements with the connections
but yet the sections turn into a sequence
surprised to realize I'm on a whole 'nother frequency speaking
reeking havoc on another weekend session
telling me to be what I believe in
but I can't help but contradict myself
when I change my ways I stay true to myself
we make the same mistakes twice because we're only flesh and blood
you're not the games you play to win you're what you love

bad things happen that's just the way it is
so we make the best of better days and savor it
gotta keep it moving to the next level
rise above wisen up until the mess settles

verse 2
in my elevated state, a meditative place
reality and time is a segregated space
I let the thoughts float in a sea of abstraction
and ride the waves like the wind its trying to chase
out the window of a room unfamiliar
outside the moon illuminates the inferior
no longer weary, a voice that sounds like an angel's
tangles with the noise of hysteria
and over powers hours pass second-like
thinking to myself this has to be a second life
I'm separate right?
but then again we are all nothing more than one intercepting light
intertwined with the stars past motherships
or down on land where the cars pass others quick
where nothing is everything and everything is nothing more than
just the vast nothingness

close your eyes and blink yourself away
no surprises linked to yesterday
living in the moment I'm zonin'
mind controlin'


from Adaptation, released December 4, 2012


all rights reserved



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