Picasso (Feat. Manifest)

from by MYK & Shirosky

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open up your mind like you're Pablo
how can something so small be colossal
you think you know what's real but you're not close
it aint nothing to a boss tho

my mind is sparked, targeting my third eye open
spoke in songs of solitude follow through now I'm floatin'
new beginnings winning nothing but succeeding
cheating life's little obstacles lost until higher teachings
tend to stumble on them when I'm in my zone on my lonesome
when the world is in their dreams I scheme on means of getting focused
it's my great heights, elevate to reach them in the late night
awake through dreams so in a dream is where I take flight till day light
I slay mics don't know if I'll ever stop it
seems hip hop is always hand in hand with topics on my noggin so i drop em'
and take in what I can from my efforts
measure my skill levels by weighing out all my pressure
exercising my play on words, playing out my thoughts
ensuring that I'll never stop being inspired by the process
squashed it, flipped it, ripped it, spit it awesome
but sometimes it's all about rising up out of your conscience
it's nonsense

abstain form reality obtain all that's dream like, green light
cause free it's gotta be a free flight, still I tread softly I stay afloat
tell myself save a note so even when I wake up I will catapult
so let me swim through the sky before I walk on water
either way I shine my aura when I'm working harder
and show you glimpses that are out of focus
pull you in my dreams then I leave you there without a totem
Mani's the mirage if seeing is believing
they don't know what to make of it but always see that I complete it
and just my two cents consider that my richest offer
they always sit around and pick a topic which is awkward
you're feeling wavy like a bag of lays you can blame me
the flow's to compass if you bump this you should pack for days
forget my accolades it's too early matinee
I got the keys if I cut you then I have to paste


from Adaptation, released December 4, 2012


all rights reserved



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